technology + law + design = Legal innovation

We reimagine legal services using emerging technology and human-centred design methodologies to help lawyers explore new ways of doing business. We advise on all aspects of innovation from idea to implementation so you can focus on your clients.  Automated legal advice tools, visual contracts, workflow automation and policy design are just a few examples of our services.

At Inkling, we aren’t just strategy advisers, we’re inventors blending legal expertise with creativity. We parse, code, map, draw, film, hypothesise, question and analyse. We know what happens when rubber meets the road: speed wobbles, pivots and emotional rollercoasters are our thing. We work alongside your team to help you build innovation muscle a deliver projects with impact. Think of us as personal trainers for innovation.

Our clients include leading law firms, government departments, legal technology startups, regulators and virtual law firms.

Inkling is an IBM business partner. With IBM's leading technologies at our fingertips, including Watson and blockchain, we are in a unique position to traverse the new frontier of legal services with the support of the world’s most iconic technology innovators.

Our mission is to make law simple, cost effective and accessible.

We can assist you with:

  • innovation education and workshops

  • strategic advice on innovation and digital transformation

  • organisational redesign and stakeholder engagement

  • culture issues underlying innovation including creating an environment to support and sustain innovation

  • innovation communications strategies

  • assessment of innovation project proposals including experimental design

  • mentoring and development of innovation projects

  • creative leadership coaching