Our Projects



small firm digital transformation

Our brief was to design an agile law firm for the digital era where there are less than 30 lawyers. The project involved a complete review of the legal and non-legal technologies available to service a law firms needs from project management to accounts. We worked closely with our clients team to understand their needs, frustrations and moments that matter to provide a roadmap for redesigning the law firm experience inside and out. While transformation will take time, this law firm will be building it into their organisational DNA as they grow.  


artificial intelligence: automated regulatory advice 

Our brief was a construct only mandate to the build a large scale automated legal advice tool on a leading legal technology platform. Our project required us to review and parse voluminous amounts of regulation into prioritised decisions trees. The aim of the project was to reduce the burden of high volume and low value advices.


chatbot workflows

Our brief from Rankin Business Lawyers was to design a chat bot that was engaging for repetitive contract drafting using Josef the Legal Chatbot. The objective was to develop a tool that significantly reduced timeframes for drafting casual employee contracts while creating an enjoyable user experience. Our team designed a chatbot personality that was a blend of quirky yet competent to build trust and enhance the automation experience for users. We then designed the workflows and conversation to deliver automated services with a ‘human’ touch.


policy design: access to justice

We have been briefed by the San Mateo Juvenile Justice Commission in California to assist with the design of a handbook for parents whose children have entered the juvenile justice system for the first time. Our challenge is to make the complex information as accessible as possible as many users will have little to no English language skills. We will be prototyping tone with users to ensure the handbook is empowering and accepted as a trustworthy source of information.


privacy design

Our brief is to redesign a privacy policy for a government department to make it more engaging using visual design and human-centred design methodologies.


policy design: relationship with the regulator

Our brief is to prepare a stakeholder engagement report for a regulator along with an innovation plan for developing human-centred regulations.


workflow automation for fast tracked disputes

The brief was to assist a boutique law firm design an alternative workflow for an extreme type of matter that required excessive volumes of material to be collated and responded to within 10 days of receipt. We spent 4 days mapping the workflow with our client and redesigning the service delivery identifying pain points and moments that matter. We prepared a strategy for the firm including a new automated workflows and an agile approach to managing the matter. As part of the solution we also designed a process which invites the client inside the war room to collaborate with the legal team.


visual contracts: the new competitive advantage

The brief was to redesign contracts commonly used by a government department to make then more engaging and accessible. Research has confirmed that many consumers do not read contracts because they do not feel they would benefit from reading them. there is a widespread perception that contracts are written by lawyers for lawyers. by adopting visual tools and information layering techniques we were able to reduce the size of the contracts by 60% on average. User testing confirmed a significantly higher level of engagement and satisfaction with the contract suite.


policy design for diversity

The brief is to review information about the justice system provided to users to ensure it is accessible to people who are neurodivergent with a specific focus on accessibility to people with autism.