our philosophy

No lawyer should be working until 3am. It's bad for business, bad for clients and bad for lawyers.


What is legal design?

The legal system was created to be so complex and costly that people wouldn't seek the justice they deserve for fear that courts would be overrun.  Despite all the developments in technology and education, little has changed in the overall design of this system. 

Legal design is an emerging practice that aims to make law more accessible and user-oriented. It draws on methodologies used in design industries such as design-thinking and service design with legal expertise to reimagine what the legal system should be in the digital era. 

There's a revolution happening in law.  

What we do

We work alongside our clients to optimise existing services, systems and processes to reduce the invisible time spent on low impact tasks and reduce the burden on lawyers.

We also help identify opportunities that are ripe for innovation to create new services and products. We help you every step of the way using empathetic design methodologies from ideation and prototyping to implementation.   

Our objective is to promote access to justice and better work-life balance for lawyers by reimagining the legal system and the way we practice law.